Service Standard Statement/Commitment


  • Our Coaching  Staff will use best practises as set out by the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation.
  • Use of the Coaches Training Site Hazard Assessment Guide:
    • Used as a reference in evaluating training environments
    • Coaching staff will be familiar with the club Emergency Action Plan in response to accidents


The CFSC Communication Mission Statement:

  • To ensure that all communication is sent out promptly through necessary channels by order:
  1. Website message board
  2. Mass E-mail distribution through CFSC mailing list
  3. Age chairs distribute communication through their mailing lists
  • The use of the calendar on the website to relay all club and pertinent zone events in a timely manner.

Athlete Assessment Card

All athletes will have a club standardized assessment/report card completed twice a season and made available on specified dates:

  1. January 5, 2013
  2. March 24, 2013 or made available at the CFSC end of season banquet

The purpose of the assessment is to give the athletes a understanding of where they are in their learning development and to give a goal to move to through the season and next.

Video Usage

  • Video is a valuable tool to enable athletes to get a better perspective of their own skill development
  • The CFSC coaching staff will take the opportunity to video athletes as needed to help with their skill development
  • The Video Plan for U10 to U16
  • Each age group will have it’s own video package that will be used by the coaches to video athletes, the package consists of:
  • One video bag
  • One video camera
  • One battery operated personal DVD player