IMPORTANT – Summer Skiing Insurance

IMPORTANT – Summer Skiing Insurance




If you’re planning on registering you child in a summer ski camp or program, please be advised that your insurance through Alpine Ontario from last season’s registration will not cover you.  If you are travelling with a registered Alpine Canada club, or Alpine Canada approved summer program, you will need to register for the 2014/2015 season to be covered.  If you are participating in a non-registered camp (such as a mount hood camp run by a US club/organization, you will need to take out your own insurance, as these camps are not insured under our policy.

For Alpine Ontario Members (CFSC), you register directly on the AOA website and click on the big orange register button on the top right corner of the page.  Follow the steps as you did last fall. Register under the age category you will be in for this upcoming season (2014/2015).

If you are a Ski Quebec Alpin Member (ASM), please email for details.