OFFICIALS COURSES & Registration of volunteers and officials

OFFICIALS COURSES & Registration of volunteers and officials

(Le texte en français est à la fin du courriel)


As you probably already know by now, the CFSC is a parent-supported organization, dependent on parent volunteers to make the races happen. As part of executing the races in a safe, effective manner we require certified officials, both Level 1 and Level 2. The Club will be hosting 3 Nancy Greene club races and 6 regional races this season and we will need up to 40 parents from CFSC each time to be able to hold these races. I highly encourage you, as parents of athletes, to make sure you are a certified official. The courses are short and held prior to the race season in the city and at Camp Fortune. Not only is it beneficial to the club to have more trained officials but you, as a parent, will get much more out of the races with a little education on what is happening. You don’t need a ski racing background and you don’t even need to ski to become an official.

Please note that there will be a second level I officials course offered prior to the race season.  This weekend’s course has been planned at the same time as the Camp Fortune physical testing.  Parents may drop their child off at testing, and complete the course while they wait.  Course takes 90min-2hrs.  The course will finish before the children are done their physical testing.


When: Sunday November 12th, 9-11AM
Where: Immaculate high school. 140 Main St, Ottawa, ON K1S 5P4 (lower cafeteria)
Who: For everyone who would like to volunteer at a race or understand the races better and for any officials wanting a refresher.
Prerequisites: None. You don’t even need to be a skier!
Exam: None

SIGN-UP: Please sign up by entering your information on the google sheet found here

This is an entry-level course. It’s an overall introduction to race organization and the various Officials positions.


Bonjour !

Comme vous le savez probablement, le Club de Ski Camp Fortune est un organisme soutenus par les parents, et que nous avons besoin parents bénévoles pour la tenue des courses. Afin d’être l’hôte de courses sécuritaires et efficaces, nous avons besoin d’officiels certifiés, de niveau 1 et de niveau 2. Le Club sera l’hôte 3 courses Nancy Greene et de 6 courses régionales cette saison et nous aurons besoin d’une quarantaine de parents du Club à chaque fois pour être en mesure de tenir ces courses. Je vous encourage fortement, en tant que parents d’athlètes, de devenir un officiel certifié. Les cours sont brefs et ont lieu au Ottawa et à Camp Fortune. Non seulement est-il bénéfique pour le club d’avoir des officiels plus qualifiés, mais vous, en tant que parent, vous apprécierez encore plus les courses en sachant mieux ce qui s’y passe. Vous n’avez pas besoin d’être un skieur de compétition et vous n’avez même pas besoin de skier pour devenir officiel.


Quand: le dimanche 12 novembre de 9 h à 11 h
Où: Immaculate high school. 140 Main St, Ottawa, ON K1S 5P4 (lower cafeteria)
Qui: Pour tous ceux qui aimeraient faire du bénévolat à une course ou mieux comprendre les courses et pour les officiels qui souhaitent rafraichir leurs connaissances.
Pré-requis: Aucun. Vous n’avez même pas besoin d’être un skieur !
Examen : Aucun

SIGN-UP: Please sign up by entering your information on the google sheet found here


Are you an official Level II or Level III?  If yes, you are required to attend a short update meeting to maintain your certification as an official.

This meeting is scheduled for Thursday November 23rd 6 pm to 9 pm

J.A. Dulude Arena

941 Clyde Avenue


Officials Level II Course

When: Date TBD – usually early January
Where: Camp Fortune (location TBC)
Who: Level 1 officials
Prerequisites: Level 1 Officials Course.  Practical experience since obtaining Level 1 in at least 2 of the officiating categories: Race administration (race secretary, scoreboard, etc.), Course (gate judge, course crew, equipment, etc.) or Timing (timer, starter, finish area controller, etc.).
Exam: yes, an open-book examLevel 2 has been designed as a more detailed introduction to the methodology of alpine ski racing, the types of races, rules, points systems as well as preparing officials for the managerial positions of chief of gates judges, chief of course, chief of race, start referee and finish referee.