2013 NCD Can-AM Selection Process

The 2013 Can-Am will be held in Collingwood January 26th-28th with the speed event at Mont Ste. Anne, Feb. 2nd- 5th.

Quota & Restrictions

  • The current division quota will be restricted to a total of 2 NCD U16 athletes, including NCO athletes registered to one of the 3 NCD clubs. The two positions are pre-qualified by AOA according to the 2012 K2 Provincial finishing results and attending the spring 2012 Can-Am event.
  • If additional quota is granted, or pre-qualified athlete(s) can not attend, the selection criteria outlined below shall be used to fulfill any remaining positions.
  • OSZ athletes are NOT eligible for selection however the points used in the selection criteria will be based on the race results which will include the OSZ athletes.

Selection Criteria – (Governed and Audited by the NCD U16 Chair)

  • Total Combined World Cup Points earned from both race results at the two local qualifying races listed below using the World Cup 100 point system. The combined total will be the combination of the one best completed race and best single run in each race.

Calabogie SL – January 19th , 2013
Mont Ste Marie GS – January 20th,2013

  • In the event one of the qualifying races is cancelled, the remaining race shall be used as the sole qualifying result. The qualifier will be based on completed race result not single run.
  • If both races are cancelled, World Cup points based on the results from the previous season’s K2 and K1 Provincials Championships (GS and Slalom races only) shall be used.
  • In the event of a tie

Best combined world cup points of both completed races
If no tied racer has 2 complete qualifying races then lowest combined time of best GS + best SL run.

Process for Submission to the Event

  • One entry only to be submitted to AOA on behalf of all NCD athletes by the NCD U16 Chair or their designate.
  • Any breach of this policy will immediately disqualify the athlete(s) and his/her coach will be subject to sanction by the NCD Board of Directors, which may include, but is not limited to, the loss of course setting assignments for the balance of the season in any NCD sanctioned race.

Disputes and Protests

  • If any NCD athletes coach disagrees with the athletes selected, a protest must be provided in writing to the NCD U16 Chair at the conclusion of the selection meeting, stating the reason for the protest and clearly identifying the supporting evidence that relates directly to the criteria set out in this document. No other factors will be a consideration for any protest..
  • The decision making authority will comprise of the NCD U16 Chair, the NCD Official’s Chair and the NCD Chair.
  • The decision will be comprised of a review of the protest, supporting documentation and additional information if required against the set selection criteria set out in this document.
  • Once the decision making authority have made their decision, the decision will be communicated to the respective protest body in writing
  • All decisions by the decision making authority will be FINAL- no further action(s) or discussion will be accepted.
  • Results of the selection meeting will not be made public until the protest has been adjudicated per above.

David Pepin,

U16 Chair, NCD