Fall Fitness Conditioning 2017

Philosophies of the Camp Fortune Dryland Program:
1. To be a versatile and fast skier, it’s important to be a well rounded athlete
2.  Training for sport should be rewarding, confidence building, and fun.

IMG_20151010_101418Our dryland programs have been designed to help prepare our skiers for the rigorous physical demands that skiing places on our bodies.  We’ll discuss below which training programs, and which athletic abilities we’ll train for athletes of different ages.  Training a variety of athletic abilities at key intensities before the season will not only make what we do on snow easier, but also will help prevent injury.  If your child participates in a multitude of sports (which we encourage), our programs focus on a wide range of energy systems that will benefit them in a wide array of different sports

Saturday Drylands – Fall 2017

The key focusses of this program are flexibility, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and specific and non-specific sport techniques.   Because of the elements trained in these sessions, we can accept drop-ins and children of all ages NG-U18.  To gain the maximum benefit of the program, coming to multiple sessions is recommended.  At the beginning of every saturday dryland, we will do a group warm-up, dynamic stretch and mobility session.  We will then split into age appropriate groups, and proceed through a variety of challenging training activities.  At the end, we will play an organized game before a group stretch.  Drylands will take place in a park where parents can organize their own run, walk, bike, or activity with other parents.


Time: Saturdays 9:30 am to 11:00am** – 8 Weeks Sept 16th – Nov 11th.   ALL AGES

**Two Saturday’s we will run indoor sessions at the Neuron Upgrade and Training Station (N.U.T.S.).  These sessions will run 8:45-10AM

Location:Drylands will be run at a variety of locations including: Camp Fortune, Kochar Drive Park, Altitude Gym, and the  Neuron Upgrade and Training Station. Locations will be identified prior to registration on the registration page.

***Clip and Climb on October 14th is a special dryland where the kids will do 30min of traditional dryland, and then 1hr of climbing at the Altitude Gym’s children’s rock climbing gym.  Check out the video here http://www.altitudegym.ca/en/clip/

  • Camp Fortune – Meet at valley side in the lower parking lot beside main lodge
  • Kochar Drive Moffatt Farm Veterans Memorial Park – 591 Kochar Drive, Ottawa
  • Neuron Upgrade and Training Station (N.U.T.S.)- 2253 Gladwin Cres., Ottawa
  • Altitude Gym Clip’n’Climb – 35 Boulevard Saint-Raymond, Gatineau, QC

Registration to open Sept 6th

Registration NOW!

Fitquest Dryland Training – Fall 2017


Fitquest Dryland Training begins to expose athletes to training environments that are best suited for athletes of aged U18, U16, U14, and some U12 depending on their physical development and maturity (please discuss with our coaches prior to signing up your U12).  As well those elements trained in Saturday dryland (flexibility, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and specific and non-specific sport techniques), Fitquest will introduce athletes to power, strength, strength-endurance, speed-endurance.  With preadolescents and adolescents, strength gains cannot be maintained with one training session a week.  To make significant gains in strength training with resistant training exercise, it has been scientifically shown that training a minimum of 2X per week is required.   Younger children (aged 11-13) involved in a resistance-training program must be mature enough to accept coaching and follow instructions.  A variety of body weight, free weights, machines, and springs will be used for resistance training.  Pre-adolescents will not be performing maximal, high-intensity lifts, or plyometrics in our dryland training, as it can be harmful to their development.  Fitquest drylands will take place in a gym facility where parents can sign up independently to access the gym, track, or other sporting activities offered at the facility.

  • When: Tuesday and Thursday evenings (10 weeks, 2x per week)
  • Start Date: Thursday September 14th, 2017
  • Location: Ottawa Athletic Club OR Sensplex Kanata (Tuesdays), Ottawa Athletic Club (Thursdays)
  • Times: OAC –   Tues  7:10pm-8:15pm (one at OAC, one at Sensplex),   Thurs Session 1 – 6:15pm to 7:30pm and  Session 2 – 7:15pm – 8:30pm
  • U12 or U14 please select A1 or B1 time slots (earlier Thursday session)U14 or U16 please select A2 or B2 time slots (later Thursday session)

Registration now online

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fitquest2-025-16-x-9_webFitquest is Sports Performance Company that was founded by Chris Schwarz over 20 years ago. Chris is a Strength and Conditioning coach that has over 20 years of experience working in Sports Performance and Rehabilitation in North America and Europe. Currently Fitquest has 4 sites across the Ottawa Region where we work with young athletes in providing complete athletic development. Our qualified coaches have experience with a broad spectrum of athletes from professional teams (Ottawa Senators) to local elite amateur teams and groups. Our passion is not only evident in the programming we provide but in the coaching and mentoring we provide our athletes.
Training Components will be specific/purposeful and will be based on what we wish to accomplish at each session . Over the 10 weeks that we will be working with the athletes we will be facilitating a program that will develop:

  • Mobility and Stability
  • Specific and Non Specific Strength
  • Specific and Non Specific Power
  • Athleticism and Fundamental Movements
  • Specific Energy System Development
  • Nutritional Guidance

Fitquest will make every effort to provide a engaging environment for your child to become a well rounded, efficient athlete!


Picking the Right Dryland Training for My Child

  • Nancy Greene and U10 athletes should sign up for Saturday Dryland only
  • U12 athletes should consult their coaching staff if they wish to sign up for Fitquest Dryland OR can sign up for Saturday Dryland.
  • U14+ can sign up for Saturday Dryland, Fitquest Dryland, OR both.  If one or the other is chosen, we would recommend Fitquest to encourage a full range of athletic development.