ConcussionAny degree of concussion, big or small, is not something to be overlooked.  CFSC’s aim is to provide helpful information to parents and racers for prevention, treatment and return to sport guidelines.


drs-wcSelecting proper equipment plays a key role in the development for your young racer.  Here is a great video by Alpine Canada Alpin for what to look for when selecting and fitting boots NG-U14

This SKI RACING article highlights 5 of the most common mistakes when selecting boots:  PARENTS – PLEASE PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO #1!!!!


Vector stopwatchAlpine Ontario Alpin U14-U16 athletes athletes aspiring to participate in the Provincial championships, must have a fitness testing result prior to Dec 31 of the competition season as part of their qualification process.  Not having this result eliminates athletes not only from the Provincial championships but also opportunities to qualify for: any CanAm, Canada Winter Games, Whistler Cup or other National/international event qualified through the Provincials. Ski Québec Alpin Physical testing is not mandatory to compete in the Québec Provincial Championships, but participation is strongly encouraged by the club.  Camp Fortune Ski Club will run a physical testing for it’s athletes.  Date will be listed on our calendar.

AOA testing protocol


NEW FIS Helmet Regulations – If you’re buying a new helmet, look closely for the new regulations that are being imposed now and in coming years.  The logo above will be required on the following helmets in the coming years:


  • FIS and ENL FIS – All races for GS, SG, and DH
  • U14-U16 -@ all regional races GS, SG, DH
  • NG,U10-U12 – None at any level

The FIS helmet sticker should look as follows:

FIS Sticker

CFSC Helmet Policy 

The CFSC program has a mandatory helmet rule that requires a one piece helmet that covers head and ears in a hard protective covering.  Soft ear helmets are ONLY allowed if used as a second helmet for Slalom training and competition. Face guards on helmets are required for slalom (U12 and older), and not allowed for other disciplines (GS and SG). Note that helmets should be approved ski helmets (not cycling, motocross, etc.)  Per CFSC and FIS regulations, helmet mounted cameras are not permitted in training or racing environments.




NEW Back Protector Regulations – If you’re planning on participating in the regions Speed Camp or Provincial Championships SG, look closely for the new regulations that are being imposed now and in coming years.


  • Back Protectors for SG and DH training and races
    • U14-U16 -@ all AOA OCup Events (including Ontario Provincials)
    • Proposed by SQA as required for U14-U16 @ all SQA Events
    • NG,U10-U12 – None at any level












As important as it is to have good equipment, it is as equally important to have it properly maintained through regular tuning.  “Poorly tuned, or neglected skis will leave a child feeling discouraged and helpless as he struggles to perform even the most basic skiing exercises on hard-pack or icy snow” -Pat Biggs

Poorly tuned skis can lead to the following symptoms:

  • trouble holding an edge, resulting in sliding
  • out of balance – stuck in the back seat
  • trouble switching from one edge to another – getting locked
  • slow skis that don’t glide across the flats

You’ve made the commitment to enrol your child in ski racing and bought him/her the appropriate gear.  To make sure that your child’s skiing experience is as enjoyable as possible, please make the effort to ensure your child’s equipment is properly tuned before hitting the slopes.  Here are some great online instructional material to get you started:

Basic – General Tuning Techniques

Advanced – More Specific for Racers


shop-local 2

The Ottawa Region is host to many excellent retailers that can help you get set up with the right equipment.



Kunstadt Sports

Kunstadt Sports is a family owned business that has serviced the region for decades.  It’s knowledgable and passionate staff can assist you in getting set up with new and/or used equipment.  Kunstadt extends a discount to all club members that gives them 15% off regular priced store items (some already discounted “Racer Pricing Skis and Boots” do not apply)


Services Offered:

  • New & Used ski racing equipment
  • Trade-in options
  • Custom boot fitting service
  • Full range of ski tuning service
  • Speed Ski Rentals (seasonal or for speed camp)





Sport Life

Our friends at Sporting Life have issued every club member a blue discount card offering them 20% off soft goods, and 10% off hard goods (some already discounted “Racer Pricing Skis and Boots” do not apply).  Cards will be mailed out to AOA members, and distributed in person to all ESCF members at the “buy nights”, or will be made available by request to the program director or parent chairs.

SportingLifeLogoServices Offered:

  • New ski racing equipment
  • Custom boot fitting service
  • Full range of ski tuning service



Nos amis chez Sporting Life ont offert à tous les membres du club une carte de réduction bleu leur offrant de 20 % à 10% de rabais sur certains produits. Les cartes seront envoyés par la poste aux membres de l’AOA , et distribués en personne à tous les membres ESCF lors des ‘Buy Nights’ par le directeur de programme ou les parents responsables.



If you are interested in ordering Karbon club clothing, please refer to the sizing chart here  2016_sizechart