The U12 Program is designed for athletes who are 10-11 years old who express a strong interest in ski racing and are willing to explore options beyond the basic Nancy Greene program. The primary focus of this program is on aquiring fundamental skiing skills, while introducing them to more specific ski racing techniques.  The program is designed to inspire and challenge these young athletes, and motivate them to get the most out of their training. Athletes learn age appropriate slalom and giant slalom skills to develop their racing and skiing proficiency. CFSC professional coaches will also offer advice on conditioning, healthy living, pre-race mental preparation, and ski tuning, while fostering a team spirit within the athlete groups.

Our program is flexible and can accommodate athletes across various levels of commitment to the sport. In addition to our core 15 week racing module, racers can choose to participate in a variety of optional enhanced training programs: the conditioning camp in the sping/summer, pre-season off-snow conditioning in the fall, pre-season camp in the late fall and extra training and specialty camps during the skiing season. We strongly recommend using several of the enhanced training opportunities for those committed to the alpine skiing as their primary sport.  See enhanced training for a full list of options and prices.

The Base U12 program includes:

34 Days on snow
Christmas Camp Dec 22, 27-30, 2015
Saturday/Sunday training and/or racing
Regional racing series, regional championships and club championship (Skimeister)
Optional out of region travel races available Optional Training Camps( at an additional cost)
Start: Saturday, December 12, 2015
End: Sunday, March 20, 2016
Daily Schedule: 9:00 am – 3 p.m. with 1-hour lunch break (8:30AM start time begining in January)

Program Details

Program Fee includes the following:

  • Club membership fee
  • Regional Race Fees
  • Club Uniform (softshell jacket)
  • Program
  • Refundable Volunteer Deposit: $250.00
  • Regional and ProvincialFees*

* The program includes NCD fees and AOA fees for CFSC registered Athletes; Regional ZSO, and SQA fees for ESCF registered Athletes and the PSO raffle ($40).

**The program fee does NOT include your child’s SKI PASS for the resort.

Approximate 2015/2016 Program Cost:

  • CFSC (Ontario Residents) Members: $1722.5
  • ESCF (Quebec Residents) Members: $1769 (difference in provincial registration fees)

Volunteering: Ski races are managed by volunteers and each family is expected to help with the race organization.