U14 Provincials Selection Criteria 

National Capital Division

U14 Ontario Provincial Championships

Camp Fortune Ski Club – March 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2013 – Slalom, Giant Slalom, Panel Slalom

Quota (to be confirmed by AOA) – 35

(Male – 19, Female – 16)

Based on the Percentage of each gender registered in the NCD U14 category

Team Selection

  • The selection date will be March 4, 2013.  Selected athletes will be advised after the selection meeting to be held as soon as possible following the March 3rd race being held at Mont Ste Marie.
  • The following criteria will be used to determine the NCD team:  The majority of the Team (17 males: 14 females) shall be based upon combined series points using the best 2 of 6 of the runs held in each discipline prior to the selection meeting. For example, if there have been a total of six Giant Slalom runs held before the selection date, each athlete’s best two runs shall be taken into account. It is anticipated that the following criteria will apply for the 2012/13 season:
  • Best 2 of 6 GS runs
  • Best 2 of 6 SL runs
  • In the event of a tie for the last selection in each gender, the majority selection will be increased by one (i.e. 17 males increases to 18 males and 14 females increases to 15 females).
  • The remaining athletes of each gender of the team shall be chosen at the discretion of the coaches and the selection committee. The committee shall use its discretion to appoint deserving athletes, including those who for extenuating reasons such as injury, have not met the selection criteria based upon race results.  Any athletes to be considered for selection by coaches discretion, must be named prior to the commencement of the selection process and cannot also be included in the selection based results.
  • Any additional quota will be filled based on the results method specified above, the first additional quote spot will be awarded to the next highest ranked athlete regardless of gender, any subsequent additional quota will be awarded to each gender based on the percentage of gender split of all NCD U14 registered athletes.
  • Athletes must be born in the year of 1999 or 2000.
  • Athletes will be seeded by the Selection Committee for Slalom and Panel Slalom, based on best two Slalom runs and for Giant Slalom, based on best two Giant Slalom runs.
  • Selection Committee: A committee chaired by the NCD U14 coordinator and composed of one coach representative of each of the NCD clubs will determine issues related to selection to the NCD team. Each coach shall have one vote on the committee. The coordinator will only vote in the event of a tie.


  • The NCD will appoint the Team Captain for the National Capital Division team and will name the person following the selection of the athletes.
  • The selection committee will ensure that the Team Captain has a Development Level coaching certification.

Costs and transportation

  • Costs are to be determined.
  • The U14 Coordinator will coordinate with the clubs all registration.